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Created by Rekhi Singhai
Updated on May 25, 2017

when my child play make a noise and we go outing he run a lot

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| May 25, 2017

my son too doing the same. but I used to tell some interesting stories as he likes. he likes mostly Spiderman stories. so I used to tell those stories. u can also try it out the same. also, before going out I used to get some nice toy for him. if he b silent, I will give tht gift to him. by practicing this, he is silent outside.

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| May 25, 2017

hi Rekhi Singhai! how r u! it just seems to be the excitement which makes him do some noise and run around. is there anything else other than this behavior which u r concerned about? Rekhi when children go out it's not unusual for them to behave so for various reasons such as they know there are no rules to be followed here unlike at home. two: they know they won't get scolded so they can do anything they want . three: they get a break from a regular monotonous life . four : they have fun there playing, or do whatever they feel like. so they enjoy it. Rekhi u could handle this situation by telling him beforehand where u r going, what all he will find there and what behavior is expectedly​ out of him. children are unable to handle excitement when they unexpectedly get to see a new situation, so it's better to prepare them beforehand. praise him when he behaves well. hope this will be of help to u!

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