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Created by Purva Yuvraj Kulkarni
Updated on May 07, 2017

hello everyone! my son is 2. 2 years & super active. He never sleeps before 12 in the night. I make him to do physical activities for atleast an hour in the morning & couple of hours in the evening. but he has same energy from morning till night. Pls suggest something that he will sleep early.

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| May 08, 2017

Try giving him a bath with normal water (not hot)in the day time and with warm water before sleeping in the night. take sime time after the dinner. you can also try soft music.

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| May 07, 2017

thanks for your suggestion Puloma , but I already tried this. it's not working for me.

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| May 07, 2017

Hi Purva, my baby also used to do same and she also super active. If you want your baby to sleep early you have to do same. After dinner I give my baby a good massage and then switch off the light and we also sleep with her within 5-10 mints she sleeps.

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