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Activities or play ideas for my one year

0 to 1 years

Created by Richa Bhargava
Updated on Mar 13, 2016

My little one always want to be occupied but I don't know what all games or activities I can do for her

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| Mar 14, 2016

Thank u sikha

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| Mar 14, 2016

Hi Richa! How r u? Since object permanence is beginning to develop i. e. out of sight is no longer out of mind. you could hide an object say his favorite toy under the pillow in front of him and let him find it out. Also u could show picture books and repeat simple words like 'milk' and point towards it. U could sing simple rhymes. Take the child to park and let him crawl/walk freely in your supervision . Talk about where r u going and what all u will be doing and talk about surroundings etc. Narrate simple stories with actions. Also u could play toy musical instruments like a drum etc as children at this age love makin noises. Give cloth colorful balls and let him throw it to u. Bring toys with a string which he could pull while crawling/walking. U could buy toys that makes noise on pressing. Light and sound toys also attract kids at this age. Stacking rings, blocks helps in improvement of gross motor development as well as eye hand coordination. Name body parts, for example 'I am massaging your hands'. Show his hands and then show your hands. The more u will talk to the child , the better will be his vocabulary. Trying adding one or two new words every week with lot of repitition. Hope this helps!

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