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Updated on Jan 24, 2020

hai all... i am breastfeeding my baby. my baby is 4months old. i am very much addicted to tea and coffee. how can i avoid tea and coffee? does having tea and coffee during breastfeeding effect my baby's health in anyway? please tell some tips so that i can reduce the consumption or totally avoid

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| Jan 24, 2020

Hi Sangeetha Krishnaswami it is prudent to at least limit caffeine intake during pregnancy or lactation. It is not well-recognised that tea contains a significant amount of caffeine, so its consumption should also be taken into consideration when trying to adhere to the guideline caffeine intake limit during pregnancy and lactation. If you still want to drink something hot.. you can have simple cup of milk with any flavour available in the market.. strawberry, chocolate,badam kesar.. or u can have green tea, organic teas .. it will also improve ur digestion

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