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addiction to gadgets

Giteema Sarma
1 to 3 years

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Updated on Jan 07, 2017

hi my dotty is 1. 10months n she is severely addicted to mobiles n t. v ...only eat when introduced to gadgets ... also she is not gaining weight even though I give her ghee fish meat frequently... my hubby is a doctor himself ... keeps on telling that she is okay... but I feel something is lacking.... she is 10 kg ... is her weight okay

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Sirisha Ayyagari

| Jan 08, 2017

Don't worry.. If she is so addicted, try switching off the TV immediately once she completes eating saying that power gone. I do the same with my daughter. I make her believe that there is no power. Also sometimes you give some other new things so that she is interested in them and simultaneously eats.. Hope this works

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