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Created by Akhileshawar Datt Sharma
Updated on Aug 15, 2016

my daughter dnt feel like going out of house wid any of the relative.. she is so addicted to me.. m afraid hw wil I manage with d school... hw wil she start to learn to go out n mingle wid new people

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| Aug 17, 2016

thanks ruchika... m really feeling gud after reading ur comment... really a great help... n thanka to u too mamta... I do d same for sure

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| Aug 16, 2016

Hello Akhileshwar. Things done at its correct time and way is very important for the kid’s right development. A tender 1 year old baby will be always attached to her parent the most. It is very normal and an essential stage of development. It’s a divine attachment & will always be. Do not force your little baby to do something that she does not want to. As for your worry that she will not mingle when in school etc. do not worry. Everything will happen at its due course. Every age has its own demand and as a parent we should be vigilant and act according to it. As baby grow, their energy level also increase and they need a constructive outlet for it. Play school is a good platform for the same. Just pay attention and you will know when your daughter is ready for this step outside. She will surely enjoy the exploration of a whole new world. Till that time, as parent you are the world for your daughter. Happy Parenting

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| Aug 16, 2016

Start by getting her familiarize with family members. Bribe her by saying they will get her chocolates or things that she likes. That ways she will become habitual

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