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Updated on Apr 28, 2017

hello my daughter is 4. 2 year old... she speak more at home but ..on school she live in silent... mode... how to solve ....problem....

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| Apr 28, 2017

hi Jyoti Mishra! at home she feels no one is judging her but once she steps out of her home , she is out of her comfort zone and feels the whole world is out to judge her and may make fun of her,. if she falters so she prefers to be in the silent mode. Jyoti we need to instill confidence in her which would come once she is made to realize, it's ok to go wrong and everyone does mistakes . once she learns to laugh at herself and take criticism in her stride , she has already won half of the battle. Jyoti at home u could praise​ her, in whatever decisions she takes​ regarding herself. even if u feel she has gone wrong, tell her it's ok, there's always a next time. show ur faith in her and keep telling her u believe in her and she can do it. shower your love on her. I am sure with consistent efforts from your end to motivate her and boost her confidence she would come around soon.

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| May 02, 2017

thanks shikha... I will definitely try you suggestions....

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