Additional help is it mandatory after delivery?

Ann E

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Nov 14, 2015

I'm on my 7th month and would like to know ppl's opinion on is an extra hand really required to take care of the baby after delivery - like mom, nurse, maid etc. Or can one just take care of the new born all by themselves. Plz can you also list down the most challenging tasks that you have faced where extra help was required.

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shilpa ghosh

| Nov 16, 2015

I had c- section premature delivery. I managed all thigs alone after delivery. There is no one to help me. So its only depends on you and your health.

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Neha Taneja

| Nov 15, 2015

Hi Ann! First of all congrats !! After delivery u definitely need somebody with u to take care of your baby. You really dont know whether you will have a normal or c section delivery. Post delivery u need rest plus u'll have to take care of ur baby 24 X 7. So additional help is always required. Most babies sleep in day time and with a c section delivery it was very difficult for me to take care of my baby in initial days. I suggest at least for first 40 days u need somebody with you as this is recovery time for a new mother. Eventually everyone learns to take care of their baby by themselves. All the best

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