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Adjustment issue in pre school

3 to 7 years

Created by Kaiser Kabir
Updated on Oct 25, 2017

We have recently shifted to another state and my son is facing language problem at his pre school as our basic language is Hindi but here the children only speak their native language or English and my son has just started learning english due to which he is not able to communicate with other students or children . Any suggestions?

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| Oct 25, 2017

hi Kaiser Kabir ! i do understand your concern. he might take some time , but would sooner or later adjust. u could continue talking to him in English. sooner he would get accustomed to it ..make reading books a ritual at home. begin with simple books of his interest to create interest and gradually increase the level as per his convenience. to create Interest ,once he has read the book, ask him to narrate the story in his own words , ask questions,discuss with him what could have been an alternative end to the story.. or what according to him could be done to make the story further Interesting. also motivate him to write a page everyday on any topic of his interest. with time he would get the hang of language.. praise and your involvement would do wonders . hope this helps!

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| Oct 25, 2017

Hi Kaiser, before the age of 5, children pick up languages very easily. In fact interacting with children who speak a different, is one of the best ways for your child to learn language. Give your child some time. He will pick up both the languages very soon and will be fluent in both. You will be surprised to see how well and soon he settles down. So don't worry.

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