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Updated on Jan 04, 2016

I am a worried mother. please someone advice me on this. My 3 and a half old daughter always gets up in the sleep or early in the morning and coughs profusely and then vomits. When consulted to the doctor , doctor says she is having some type of allergy but no doctor can figure out the actual cause of the cough and also vomiting.

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| Jan 06, 2016

hi Anurima, thanks for the reply. yes she does vomit out all mucous. No, she is not suffering from cold. When consulted the doctor, they say no cold or anything is there in the chest. everything is clear within. Actually, to tell you it is a big history. She is suffering this since dec 2104. I consulted lot many doctors. But no one had the medicine on her cough. At last one doctor suggested me to have her allergy test done. I did that and found she has got allergy of almonds as well as dust. So i started avoiding her those things. Now she is suffering and she was ok after that now almost after like 1 year i again found the same symptoms in her. So now i have again consulted the same doctor and she has adviced me to do allergy medicine course once in six months. Now she is ok after giving her the allergy medicine. Also to find what other allergies she has got, i have stopped giving her milk at night after food which has helped her lot in terms of her cough and vomiting. Still friend, if anything more u want to know i can tell.... waiting for your advice on it..

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| Jan 04, 2016

Hi Jyoti. Does she vomit out mucous? Is she suffering from cough and cold at the moment? How long has this been on? My daughter also suffers from frequent bouts of cough. If you elaborate a little more, maybe I can share my suggestions which may help your child as well. Do write. Thank you!

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