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Feb 27, 2013

I was just reading this recent post on the forum about a mother looking for suggestions to discontinue baby's bottle feeding. Just thought of sharing some learnings from own experience. My babies are 2 & 3 yr old now .   I am having a really difficult time weaning them off the bottle. But I console myself by thinking that it was difficult for me to take care of two very small babies together ,given the fact that they just have 1 year age gap.   So all the new mommies just try and dont start the bottle feeding at all. Try the other alternatives like spoon, cup, sipper etc. I have seen mother's who have tried this and the babies eventually developed the habit of taking milk with a spoon or cup .   This will take some effort in the beginning but surely will save you of the headaches that you get when you trying to get the baby off bottle.   Hope this helps.

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Manoj Sardana

| Jun 07, 2013

A good advice. My baby is 3. 5 months old and me and my wife has endless discussion on this. Do we need to start bottle feeding ? My wife will be joining her office in another 1. 5 months and we need to start other ways of feeding so that he can develop the new habit. we are still not sure if we start bottle feeding or use spoon. I think this suggestion will help us take right decision.

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| Mar 14, 2013

Its a very nice advice. I too have breastfed by baby boy and thank God we never switched to bottles. Happily he has resorted to drinking from a glass or cup directly.

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Shivani Kulkarni

| Mar 04, 2013

I had used spoon feeding for my elder daughter, but my son did not take this up... used to cry endlessly..... so I had to switch in to bottles! :(. Now I am trying out solutions to remove his habit of being bottle fed. Will try the sippers suggested ,however since I am a working woman I cannot devote my entire time there... my mom-in-law uses bottle again!! donno how the issue's gonna be solved! Waiting for "that" day! :)

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Dilip Sharma

| Mar 01, 2013

My son is only a month old. It's really a useful advice for new mom .. I will convey this info to my better half. :) thanks :)

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Prajakta Deodhar

| Feb 28, 2013

I have never fed my daughter with a silicon nipple bottle.. Instead i have always used avent sippers for her... She is abt to turn two now n she happily drinks milk from her sipper. These sippers are available accouding to age groups being 0-6mts, 6-12mts,12-18mts,18mts-above... This has proved very helpful....

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| Feb 27, 2013

My daughter finally let go of the bottle at age 5. Yes it is a good advise to not bottle feed at all, and my mother always said I should use a spoon, but I never had the time or energy or patience for it. However, now my daughter is off the bottle and drinks milk from a cup, so dont sweat over it.

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Neetu Ralhan

| Feb 27, 2013

hey Jyoti, thanks for sharing your experience, will help fellow mommies. I do feel you are right in thinking it is difficult to raise two little ones, because it is difficult. Bottle feeding really would have helped you cope with the workload.. one really needs a lot of patience and time to feed the child using other things. I am sure you will soon be able to get your kids off the bottle... eventually they all do :) thanks n take care.

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