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afraid on maths and very slow in writing

7 to 11 years

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Updated on Sep 09, 2017

my son is a 9 years old. he is very afraid when he doing maths. once he count and thought it 'a wrong and again he count. he knows tables but he can't apply it when he do the maths... he thinking about it and take lots of time... he also take much time to learn any topics

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| Sep 09, 2017

hi Sanoli Santikrusht! please get his assessment done by a psychologist to rule out learning disability. plan short term goals for him. work on the weak areas, help him clarify his concepts. avoid scolding him for wrong answers but do give a huge round of applause for the right ones. this would boost his confidence level.. give enough practice everyday. take one operation at a time, say addition. give examples from day to day life . do it with the help of real things say adding number of pencils etc. writing speed would improve as his confidence level goes up and with praise. hope this helps!

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| Nov 24, 2017

For many students like your son, Maths is a particularly difficult subject, since it requires them to think differently. The way to master maths is repetition. So if you have corrected it, give him another 5 similar questions to do. If he still seems unsure another few similar questions. Also, it is likely that when you correct his answer, he still has not understood it, so doing similar problems will make sure he can apply the concept. If he has understood the concept but is making careless mistakes, don’t worry too much. That tends to correct itself after a while if he has regular study habits.

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