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after delivery ma hairfall becum more.. wht shd I do fr dis??any remedies plz

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Created by Sushmitha Rakshith
Updated on Mar 04, 2017

mother's hairfall

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| Mar 21, 2017

hi Sapna Ullas! I appreciate your concerns. your query regarding conceiving at this age is something that would be best answered by a gyneac after thorough internal examination and various tests. she would be the best person to guide u with the risks involved and the chance of getting positive results due to age factor . as far as your concerns regarding reaction of elder siblings is concerned it could be anything, ranging between a shock to disbelief , a pleasant surprise to embarrassing in front of their friends . it's advisable to once have an open dialogue with your girls before u make up your mind and plan ahead to avoid any unpleasant situation later on. hope this helps!

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| Mar 21, 2017

I am 43 years old, we have twin daughters who are 19 years old. we were waiting for them to complete their schooling. Now they are in the college leading a hostel life. we are now planning for our second child. is it safe with respect to my age to conceive the next baby. I also would like to have an expert advice on the psychology of my kids regarding this decision.

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| Mar 05, 2017

hi Sushmita! u have been through a major phase and your body has gone through some major changes over a period of about 9 months. your gynaec must have advised you to continue with calcium and iron supplements. please follow her advise. have plenty of fluids, reduce intake of caffeine and tea. add fresh fruits, salads and eggs/ proteins to your diet. don't ignore your health as these signs indicate that it needs attention. if need be consult your gynaec if hairfall is way beyond normal that too since long. hope this helps!

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| Mar 04, 2017

hi sushmita, massage your hair with warm coconut oil or almond oil. include aawla in your diet. it will help.

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