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Created by Meenu
Updated on Feb 27, 2014

Hi all, Can anyone please suggest some interesting after school activities to do at home that will involve your child. My daughter is 3 years.

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| Feb 27, 2014

Hi Meenu! Here are some of the suggestions such as u cud dress up ur child like a cartoon character she always wanted to be or there cud b other role plays like doc patient, teacher student etc. children love to b on the other side of the table. u cud cook simple things with u r child's assistance such as sandwiches, burgers etc. u cud read story books together such as Magic pot, champak, etc. another options is to play board games with ur child. or try doing spray painting with an old toothbrush, tracing coins, or making circles or other shapes by putting circle shaped lids or square shaped boxes or u cud trace her hand and make peacock or other interesting things out of it. u cud make crafts together such as a square shaped robot or rectangle shaped fire engine, try making paper puppets, cloth puppets or u cud collect old pictures and make a collage. u cud cut out shapes or pictures such as a heart shape from newspaper and make greeting cards for valentines day for her parents. U cud take leaves dry them in a newspaper for a day or so and then make cards by pasting them. Or u cud prepare for a forthcoming occasion such as on Shivratri u cud decorate puja thali with her, or dress her up as Parvati ji. I believe at home these funfilled activities cud be done comfortably and wud be fun as well as a learning for the child .

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| Feb 27, 2014

Hi Meenu! Here is a link to similar parent talks that you may find relevant: https://www.parentune.com/parent-talk/activities-for-a-2-year-old-todd/282 https://www.parentune.com/parent-talk/extra-activities/617

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