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Updated on Jul 19, 2017

Hello My 5 year old is getting very aggressive. I am getting complaint from school about his behaviour he didn't able to mix up with friends and teachers. Though I am very humble and Polite with him he disrespect Teachers. I am very worried for his behaviour. He is fond of Superman and Spiderman. please advice how to Change his Behaviour? ?

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| Jul 19, 2017

hi Piyali Ganguly! please spend more quality time with him. involve him in activities and gradually decrease the screen time. children need someone to talk to and keeping them occupied with activities such as playing indoor games with them such as ludo, Scrabble , etc. giving them simple math quiz , or even teaching them in playway manner are some ideas to spend time with them. please make sure no one at home is hitting him . talk to him politely. the more u would spend time with him, hug him, and allow him to channelize his energies in the right direction , lesser aggresive he would be .hope this helps!

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