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Aggression: Why it happens and what to do about it

1 to 3 years

Created by Savi Tiwari
Updated on Jun 16, 2017

my 2. 4 years child he is so aggressive and he always crying and nothing wants to eat. he always slap to everyone if anyone touch him his behaiour is not good i m so worried about him,his health an wealth. pls suggest me and pls help me

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| Jun 16, 2017

Savi have u tried to find out the cause for so much of anger. why is that he prefers to use his hands to hit rather than mouth to speak? is he not able to express self in words? what triggers him to hit , is it constant nagging or pulling his leg ( making fun of him), or absence of a family member, or is there a role model whom he could be imitating? please try and find out the exact reason behind his aggression and frustration. without saying a word, stand by his side. when he is out of his fit, hug him, this will let him know u r there to listen to him. let him speak in words what makes him hit others. tell him politely time and again hitting hurts. narrate him stories with an underlying message hitting is bad. praise him when he behaves well. Savi hitting back or scolding would make things worse. on the other hand praise when he behaves well and positive reinforcement would work wonders. as far as eating nothing is concerned as soon as he begins to feels good ,and cheerful he would start eating . hope this helps!

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| Jun 16, 2017

Hi Savi, its common among the children nowadays, they will tantrum to make you agree for their demands. And if you reject they will hit their head, beat. Whenever he tries to beat someone dont scold or beat your child just divert his mind . just hold his hands and make him clap, start a talk and engage him in talk , recite rhymes or sing song. you can read this blog to manager anger or aggression in your child. Hey! I find this Parenting blog really interesting. I suggest you have a look too:

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