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Updated on Feb 15, 2014

Hi all, I have been recently noticing a rebellious change in my 4 year old daughter. She has become aggressive, cranky, and stubborn. She will not listen to you or will cry if forced to do a particular thing. Please help.  

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| Feb 15, 2014

Hi Shipra, first try to find out the reason for her rebellious behaviour. Whether something is troubling her in the school environment, or is she having any health issues or any sibling rivalry making her possessive over parents etc. if nothing significant is there, may be she is getting bored. Put her in some activity class of her interest. Also insist that she must behave well when taken outside. Try to take her out often while in good mood, after taking food and after a sleep. So that she can enjoy the outing. Take her to park and allow her to play along with kids. Take her to the terrace and keep some food , water for birds. Observe what birds are coming. Make her time interesting with some short stories about animals and birds. And give her a small reward when she behaves well outside. U can take her to her favourite place getting a promise that she will behave well there. Also don"t force to do anything when she is cranky. U just bring her back to house in that case and tell her that she will miss all the fun outside when she cries. Hope this will help!

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