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aggressive behavior

3 to 7 years

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Updated on May 18, 2016

he is very aggressive, short temper,mom is bad,left the house,I will go from here,bahut door kaha aap na ho ,u don't watch me cartoons n always ask for food n study

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| May 18, 2016

Hi Naina ! How r u ! I understand what your concerns are. U need to handle him with love and care. I believe there is a younger sibling too N u r facing difficulties in managing both. Take help of family members to take care of Lil one. Give your elder one attention, spend time with him, play with him , listen to what he has to say , hug him. Plan his routine. Take both of them to park everyday. If u don't agree with him don't out rightly snub him. Give him a patient ear. And calmly explain your view point. Appreciate him and praise him when he is good. Let him play with Lil one. Naina no matter what don't lose your tempers, keep calm and deal with him with love. Don't so' No' to all his demands. This would lead to resentment and he would further become rebellious. He needs ur attention and exclusive time with u. I am sure he will come around soon. Don't forget to give your magical hug to him every now and then especially when he is angry. Humour is the best medicine. Laugh with him and watch cartoons, read story books, play hide and seek, do role plays or whatever to make him feel that he is still an important memebr of the family and a special one too. Hope this would help!

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