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Updated on Nov 24, 2017

Hello... My son is 5. 6 years old. From past 2 months I am observing that he is becoming more regressive. If we tell not to do something, he won't listen to us until I scold. I don't want to scold him, but he will check my patience to the core. Recently he is telling that 'I should always listen to you'. For example if I say that to put cap while going to school when it's cold, he says no. So I make him understand why to put cap. Just I won't say No, I will explain him why when he asks anything. But always he thinks that we say No to what he wants or ask. Please help how to overcome this

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| Nov 25, 2017

hi Rajeshwari Hiremath ! pls do read this interesting blog. i think this may help you in tackling this.

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| Nov 24, 2017

Thanks Nitin. In school he is well behaved boy. His teacher praises him a lot. Especially with me he does so.

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| Nov 24, 2017

may be it so is happening that your child is receiving more no-s from others and that is leading him to behave in that manner. have you checked at the school about this as well and also do you see this behaviour from him in other areas as well or only with you?

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