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Updated on Jan 15, 2017

My daughter is 3 yrs n 3 month now.. From past few weeks she's been very aggressive, not responding even to mh scolding .. Is very irritated.. Plz help

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| Jan 15, 2017

hi Sneha! Hope u r doing good! I understand your concerns. if we take an antibiotic for a small problem like cold it's ought to show its side effects and if we would keep taking it for a longer time , chances are it might make us immune to it. And we might need to replace it with a stronger one in order to feel better. this is the analogy drawn to show that similarly if we keep disciplining our children with strict methods, after a period they get immune to it and they outgrow fear. change your strategy and deal with her with love. before approaching her , close your eyes and tell yourself you will not loose your tempers or raise your voice with her. u will use just one and only one language , I. e. the language of love. hug her , hold her in your arms for 1 or 2 minutes. take her in your lap, cuddle her, kiss her and once she begins to feel comfortable in your arms, let her know how much u love her . do this everyday and see the magic. make sure u never forget this language ever. this will make both of u feel complete and on top of the world. hope this helps!!

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| Mar 12, 2017

hi sneha ....its true what we can achieve with love n warmth can never b achieved with scolding. I ve experienced it myself. my kid is 3yrs 10 months old. she used to b exactly like ur kid. I used to scold n punish her ,but at the end she became more aggressive n used to cry a lot . So I changed my style. Hugging her,telling her how much I love her everyday, praising her even for small things like finishing her milk or food. these things brought lot of change. kids are hungry for good words n love just like us. that doesn't mean give them whatever they ask for.. u be to draw a line between pampering n love. hope my experience helped u. one more thing, spend some time with ur kid without any distraction, cos after few yrs they ll not need it but u ll miss spending time with ur kid. swapna

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