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Created by Bharat Kakar
Updated on Feb 16, 2017

How to change aggressive nature of a child

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| Feb 28, 2017

my daughter 15 yes she is not interested in study she is very lazy always sleeping

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| Feb 18, 2017

my son is 8 yr and even I am facing same problems with my son. when we deal with them with love and affection he take us for guaranteed. he doesn't listen to what we say and answers back bluntly.

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| Feb 18, 2017

I'm facing the same problem with my son,he is 14 yrs old nw

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| Feb 17, 2017

hi Bharat Kakkar! this is that age when there is lot of confusion, introspection regarding changes in self and relationship with people around. don't distant yourself from your child rather he needs you more, to come to terms with self. Don a cap of a friend and understand your child better. no matter how rude he is, u maintain your calm and let him know u r there for him whenever he wants to speak to u. don't nag him to open up and let u know what's wrong but give him time and space and he will come back to u. HUG him , pat his back, recognise the fact he is not just gaining height but is actually growing up and soon will fit in his father's shoes. give him responsibilities and praise him for trying his level best to come up to your expectations. let his father spend time with him in teaching , discussing about his future plans. take him for walks and do some man to man talks. try and work on the bond that u both share with him. avoid judging him. he needs more love Bharat, try and understand him. hope this helps!

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| Feb 16, 2017

He don't want talk with any one and get irritate many times

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