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Updated on Feb 15, 2018

Hi.. my daughter age 4. 5. and she is very aggressive. i don't know how to deal with her. kyuki use khuch bhi bolo sunti hi nahi hei. kuch mna kro ya thoda loudly bolo tho bhut tej gussa krne lg jati hei. aur bhut tej rone lgti hei. pls i need your advise friends

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| Feb 15, 2018

hi Sonali! she knows by doing so she can get away with things and u would stop nagging her.. and the matter would end. instead try and avoid that situation in which u would have to pacify her later. begin with love only, hug her,praise her. here is a blog u would find useful. Hey! I find this parent blog really interesting. I suggest you have a look too:

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| Feb 16, 2018

Hi Sonali, Parenting is a tricky job. From your description it seems that your lil one is not appreciating the way you are putting across things. Kid's aggression, frustration, anxiety are areas of concern to parents as we try to stop our kids from doing certain things because we know why its wrong or wht the likely consequences would be. For a kid who is less than 6yrs old it just means 'NO'. Sit with your kid and ask her wht are 3 things she likes about you and what are 3 things she wants you not to do. you will get your answers. Set some patterns or routines in your house which you as a parent too stick to them. Discipline cant be forced on kids it needs to be followed by everyone in the house. when she yells at your or screams at you just hold your ego and anger. after the moment has passed tell her that you understand her pain and anger tell her at times anger needs to be controlled as well. Kids behave and talk not knowing the intensity till a certain age, so its important how we make them understand the intensity and consequences of their behavior. sudha

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| Feb 17, 2018

thankuu so much Sudhaji and Shikha. 3things is gud idea

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