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Updated on Apr 21, 2014

Often at various family get-together/parties my teenage son sees consumption of alcohol and smoking of cigarettes by his relatives. I want to ensure that he doesn't pick up these habits. I'm confused whether I should stop attending such gatherings or should I ask my relatives to avoid such acts in front of him OR should I talk this out with him. Please suggest an appropriate approach. I don't  want to impose myself or come out as interfering, but I want to ensure that he stays away from such things.

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| Apr 22, 2014

Dear Nishi, avoiding such gatherings is not an ideal solution, Im afraid. The first step, I believe, is to have an open conversation with your son. Both your husband and you may sit and talk to him about your expectations with regards to drinking, smoking and hear him out too. Once the matter is out in the open, you may lay down a few guidelines. The best solution is always to have an open line of communication-your son should always be able to come and talk to you or his father in case of doubts. Hope this helps.

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| Apr 21, 2014

Hi Nishi! Here is link to a similar parent talk that you may find relevant:

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