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Dec 28, 2012

hello everyone i am he mother of 3 yr old boy, my son is health wise perfect, i just had one problem from the past few days he has started snoring while sleeping because of his sleep gets disturb whole night, is this a medical problem should i consult a doctor or is it okay ,suggest me plz.

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| Jan 03, 2013

Dear Neeta , snoring in small children is common and it can be triggered be due to a cold or cough that the child might have been suffering from... you should talk to his doctor but also try some home remedies for the same like giving him steam therapy before he goes off to sleep or putting a drop of eucalyptus oil on his pillow so his nasal passage is clear ...

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| Dec 28, 2012

Hi Neeta. Sudden snoring is not something to be ignored. It may be totally harmless and may stop as suddenly as it started but, on the other hand, it may be a sign of a sleep disorder known as Sleep Apnea, where the child stops breathing for sometime. This may be caused due to a block in the airway and as a result making child snore. You may want to check with his pediatrician for advice and necessary follow up checks. Hope this helps.

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