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Hi All,   My daughter is 5 years old and she has a very bad habbit of sucking her lower lip all the times, we keep her pointing out everytime but she is badly habbitual of this. Kindly help me out, what should i do to remove her this habbit.  

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| Apr 08, 2013

Hi Seema. Your daughter may be sucking her bottom lip for comfort or when she is nervous or anxious. In all probability it will pass before you know it. You may keep an eye to observe as to when she does this. Constant reminders and pointing it out may not help as it is something which does unconsciously. You could try telling her a story about a little girl who had this habit and go on by saying that this is an undesirable habit; that other children would hesitate to play with her and so on. You may make up the story to fit her immediate surroundings and instances which she can relate to. This may have some impact on her and she may make an effort to stop it. But the process of her coming out of the habit may take some time, so please have patience and try not to scold or punish her. Hope this helps.

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| Apr 09, 2013

Hi Seema, I agree with Anurima here, your daughter will outgrow the habit, but as parents we cant resist telling the kids not to do such things. My daughter keeps moving her tongue over her lips which totally dries them out. Seems like a good idea to make up a story and gently wean them off the habit, scolding and constant policing does not work :)

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| Apr 12, 2013

Thank you Anurima and Shanaya

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