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Created by Mejo George
Updated on Oct 20, 2013

My child is good at all academics including english maths and evs but only problem she is facing is for identification of shapes. ie between rectangle,square and triangle. I have tried various methods to teach her regarding that but all fails. Can someone advise easy methods to teach identification of shapes

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| Oct 21, 2013

Hey Mejo! Check this link, may be of help.

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| Oct 21, 2013

Hi dear Parent! It is advisable to take one shape at a time n reinforce it for one week. N please do not discuss any other shape during that week. For example - a square. Use things from day to day items so that child can register it. While serving breakfast u cud talk about all square shape objects . Like bread, square shaped cheese slice. While dressing up talk about any square shape design on dress, u cud give the child an activity to identify all square shaped items in a room like photo frame, box etc. u cud make a square shape robot with the child. So if u use more than three senses to teach a concept n keep on repeating it the child would easily grasp the concept. For example showing the square shape object from day to day life-SENSE of SIGHT, making the square shape object- SENSE of TOUCH, talking about square shape objects by giving examples from day to day life- SENSE of LISTENING. U cud continue repeating one shape till the child has grasped the concept well. hope this works!

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