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Allergic Rhinitis and Asthmatic with Bronchitis

1 to 3 years

Created by Vishal
Updated on Dec 25, 2013

I don't know how do I explain. As per my childs' doctor she is Allergic to dust and offen faces Asthama problem. This happen in every 2 months. Whenever she faces this problem her doctor priscribe Sy. Levolin syp, Sy. T-minic Syp or if it get for severe we have to give her Levolin Nebuliser.   Please help what should I do to cure her deacese.

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| Dec 29, 2013

Hi, My daughter is 3. 7years old and she also has Childhood Asthma. Omnacortil is a steroid which needs to be used only on SOS basis. Now for winters her doctor has put her on Montair 4mg and Budecort 100 inhalers everyday. Keep trying Homeopathy or Ayurveda along with all the home remedies. All the best...

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| Dec 28, 2013

Deepti I consulted with the doctor in regards to the medicine you mentioned ( montair syrup ). He told to give Omnacortil 5mg

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| Dec 28, 2013

Dr Aanchal I have tried Ayurveda also but she fell ill quiet often and require immediate assitance.

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| Dec 27, 2013

hello, why dont you try ayurveda for your child problem,Ayurveda is completely side effect free and hit the disease from the root. in your case vasaavlehya with sitopaladi churan gives good result. throughout winters and during seasonal variation plz give him chayaunprash.

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| Dec 25, 2013

hi Vishal my daughter is 2. 3 years and we are facing the same problem for last one year. we give her montair syrup at night it decreases the frequent attacks of allergy and now in severe cogh we give her inhaler, budecart and duolin, they are not habbit forming and act only on lungs so minimal side effects to body. we give only when cough is severe for 2-3 days. according to dr she will face this until she is 4 so we take precautions and these medicines. ask ur dr about montair syrup.

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