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Always Irritated and argues

7 to 11 years

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Updated on Mar 28, 2016

My daughter always argues on every talk and never stops in very rude and arguing way. She never want to do any work, i have to be after her all the time repeating her daily work several times. Plz give suggestions

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| Mar 28, 2016

Hi Disha! I understand kids sometimes test our patience. At this age they are smart enough and don't want to leave ipad or television or other activity and continue with it as long as it is possible . They also get lazy and wants others to finish their work. I would advise you to make both of them sit and listen at once the rules of the house. Tell them the Consequences in case of breaking the rules like not getting to see ipad at all or lesser tv viewing time or refraining them from use of other priveleges. Be consistent and don't change the rules every time. Be a role model yourself. Above all respect your child, never use bad language or call names even if u r angry. Tell her, her behavior was bad and not her. Let them know, no matter what u love them. Let all the family members know the rules and be United. praise or reward when they are good. If they are not following,give a reminder followed by Cosequences. And above all have a routine with fixed time for everything which they are expected to more or less follow. Empathize with your child and when they are hurt or their favorite toy is broken. Hug them at least once everyday. Growing up doesn't mean they don't need love. They also need to be caressed,kissed,and make her sit in your lap. Make sure u have same rules for both the kids. When she is rude to u, immediately leave the room, without further arguments. When she is cool,talk to her and understand what's bothering her. Hope by changing ur style of disciplining u will be able to bring a change in her behavior as well. TKcare!

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