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Updated on May 11, 2017

my 5yrs old son always need support for doing anything. playing with kids also he needs support. with whom he is comfortable with them only he will play. h e won't mingle quickly with others. in studies he is good .in games,dance,stage shows he can't. how to over come this problem. his papa also intraverter. any suggestions please. can I take it as serious problem r not?

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| May 12, 2017

hi Manimala! I understand your concerns! he needs support since he has been getting it, so he is ok with carrying on like this and infact now he's got used to it. it's advisable to create opportunities wherein he gets a chance to be on his own. take him to the park everyday and let him on his own make friends and play with them. don't offer help and ask him rather what he thinks should be done in case of need be.. also praise him when he takes decision regarding himself , this will give a boost to his self confidence . motivate him to decide for himself on simple things like what he would like to eat, wear or play with . invite his friends home and he can share his toys with them, likewise he could go to their house and play for a while. u could make him join any activity of his choice such as Rang Manch, dance, music, learning any instrument, sports etc. this will hone his skills and again give a boost to his confidence. hope this will be of help to u!

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| May 11, 2017

I don't think so it a serious problem. some kids are inherently shy. Though you can definitely help him overcome this trait of his. Try and encourage him to go out and play with other kids. Be there to support him emotionally and physically and slowly and gradually back off and let him be on his own. Day by day when he realises he can do things on his own, he will be more confident for other activities too.

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