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Updated on Jan 23, 2019

hi, my son went to expedition with school first time on the third day he had a fight with a classmate who hit him. later teacher called me and said that the reaction by my son was very aggressive he was not calming down. I have noticed when someone is not fair or bullies him he becomes very angry and tries to hit the person or push. what I do to help him to control his angry world can't be always gentle to him. worried please help. my son is very good in studies art loving, have a special love for animals, very sensitive.

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| Jan 23, 2019

hi shabina khan ! I do understand ur concern. u could talk to him or let his father do a man to man talk with him. probably he is not getting a vent for his pent up emotions which all come out in one go when he feels the treatment being meted out with him is unjustified and it hurts his self respect.. also u could make him join a sport of his choice so that his extra energies are spent everyday and also he learns to be in a group setting and control his anger..

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| Jan 25, 2019

thank you shika

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| Aug 16, 2019

what started the fight? often the kid may be at fault. as parents we are defensive. may be he started it. please find out first.

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