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Updated on Mar 01, 2019

how can i control my anger? i behave very badly to my children when i am angry. i can't control it. i always shouting to them. my husband's job is in other district. he comes home ones in a month. i am very upset about it. plz help me.

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| Mar 04, 2019

i think you are stressed out with all the work. try getting some help in matters which you can delegate. something that will give you the most needed free time for yourself. at least one hour of the day where you can do whatever you want. read, dance, sing, sleep or watch tv. do that one thing for yourself everyday. you will feel better. also involve your children with you in the activities you do(depending on the age). like take them for a walk with you when you want to buy vegetables. or give them some clothes to hang after you do the laundry. they will also feel better spending time with mamma.

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| Mar 02, 2019

hi rimjhim roy! i can comprehend yr concerns. it just happens in the spur of the moment and then u realize ,u could have avoided it.. whenever u feel angry, do not deal with situations immediately, take time to react.. try and take a break by leaving the room ,standing in the balcony, listening to music, etc.. also have friends in the neighborhood/society etc. with whom u can spend sometime . just tell yourself , u love ur kids and u can't be rude with them. on a whiteboard ,count how many times u controlled yr anger each day. trust me number of times will begin to increase gradually. treat yourself and yr kids on the weekend with a special dish to celebrate this togetherness.. trust me all this work for me too as my hubby is rarely at home and when u r handling everything alone, frustration is inevitable. the pressure of kids, home, work intensifies the anger.. so cool down and as fellow parents suggested take out time for yourself and only when u will be at peace with itself, u will be able love yr kids, family..

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| Mar 02, 2019

hirimjhim roy its important that you love yourself first. take out some time for yourself. if you have elders support to take care of your child, you can maybe take up a hobby class. you will enjoy it. yoga and zumba have helped me a lot to put my stress issues at rest. maybe you can take any exercise regime it helps a lot. hope this helps :)

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| Mar 01, 2019

hirimjhim roy! i understand. to be less angry, you would need to be happy first, and for that its important that you do at least a few things you love everyday. once u e happy, then u wud be less angry and more at ease. take care

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