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Dec 15, 2015

My son is 5yrs Old he get angry very soon in everything. He is very aggressive. what to do

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Shikha Batra

| Dec 16, 2015

Hi Swati! First let your child know at that moment that he is angry and it is Okay to be angry but it's not Okay to be aggressive. Please try and find out what he is upset about. Then tell him to calm down voice out and verbalize what is bothering him. But if he is not ready to listen to u and is throwing tantrums, dont give him attention and leave the room immediately. Let him understand shouting or throwing away things won't fetch him any good on the other hand being calm and polite might work. Also be a role model for him. When u r angry at something please don't do something which u don't want your child to imitate. Manage anger and let those episodes be an example for your child to follow. Teach your child to verbalize his feelings, divert his mind,leave that room and play some constructive games or do something that soothes his mind like sleep or shut his eyes and lie down but never hurt anyone. By the end of the day,he could share with u how he managed or write a page about it. Praise him when he is good. HoPe this helps!

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