angry child

3 to 7 years

Created by Barnali Chowdhury
Updated on Feb 27, 2017

my 4yrs 4 months daughter is very angry in nature and also too much stubborn. she always hit surrounding people whenever she loose her temper temper

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| Mar 02, 2017

same here.. so many suggestions frm ppl.. i chnged myslf controllng ny temper alot. .try to make her undrstnd stil nt wrkng..

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| Feb 28, 2017

my son is also a kind of same nature many time i pamper him and control his anger but he hits me continuously.

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| Feb 27, 2017

hi Barnali! hope u r doing good! a 4 year old gets angry and hits people. please try and find out the underlying cause. what is the trigger that provokes her to do so? why is that she isn't able to communicate her feelings verbally and has to resort to hitting? is her language completely developed? has she been always like this or this has been a recent change? if yes, what do u think could be the cause of this change? is it less attention being given to her or she is being nagged , or the focus has shifted to the younger sibling? please make sure u spend quality time with her, praise her a lot and let her know every now and then how much u love her, how special she is to u, hug her often. avoid doing what she doesn't like if possible, and understand her better. Barnali the answers to these questions will help u trace the underlying issue. please bring a change in your behavior towards your child, be more polite and considerate towards her and see the change. hope this helps!

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| Feb 27, 2017

Even my son has angry nature, please guide

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