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Any parent who's child is going to DPS Sector 45 - Gurgaon?

3 to 7 years

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Updated on Dec 17, 2012

Dear all, am looking at admissions for my daughter in DPS Sector 45 - Gurgaon. Any parents here who would be able to help me out wrt the quality of the School? If not for DPS any other school in the vicinity that you can recommend?

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| Aug 20, 2015

Hi fellow parents, I am sailing in the same boat super confused about the school, I have filled the forms for Sriram, scottish and will be filling shiv nadar and heritage, any inputs from you all or any of your friends will be great, looking forward to some responses

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| Dec 30, 2012

Hi Radhika, Sorry I came in a bit late here. If you're still looking for inputs on DPS Sec-45, I would not recommend it. We withdrew our son from the school because we were not happy with the quality of education and the faculty. Do let me know if you have any specific queries about the school.

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| Dec 17, 2012

hey radhika.. i know of a few parents who's children goes to DPS... generally if you were to compare it with other schools like Heritage or Shri Ram - DPS is not up there... from more of a regular school with decent academics and faculty I think DPS is a good option. Their fees is also reasonable is what I heard... am not sure, but why dont you try posting this to the experts here.. had received a mail from Parentune. com on Admission Corner... I saw this in the Education Section.

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