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Arrogance and violent

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Updated on Mar 18, 2016

My son is 2. 5 years old and he is getting violent when we try asking him to be good and have a good behaviour. He gets angry and throws away all articles from his hand

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| Mar 18, 2016

Hi Rekha! Children so small don't know how to express frustration. It's advisable to model behaviors which yr child can imitate. When he gets angry ask him to move away from that place. Give him alternatives to vent out his anger such as place a ring and he has to put basket ball in that. So his negative energy is channelized in doing something positive. Or u could ask him to shout at the top of his voice and u also shout out loud. So whoever is louder wins the game. So make it a fun filled activity. Or u could collect unbreakable things like cloth ball or old toys and when he is angry u could give him a ball or a ring and he has to hit or put old toys in that ring one by one. This is best method to give a vent to his pent up emotions. When he is cool and has calmed down u could discuss what is that he didn't like and how he would want to change it . If there is a particular thing or situation he doesnt like avoid it if possible. For ex- if he doesn't like u nagging or pestering him avoid it. And give him instructions ' after 5 minutes, when your this current activity will be over, I would appreciate if you could come on the dining table and finish your food'. So by moulding your behavior and keeping calm and staying positive u will be able to avoid such episodes. Hope this helps!

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