assisted breastfeeding

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Created by Meena
Updated on Feb 11, 2019

hi I want to know how effective is assisted breastfeeding?? how can it help if I want to join job and i am completely breastfeeding him.. I am concern whether he will be able to take milk from assisted pump or not

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| Feb 11, 2019

hi meena! child might take time to adjust to bottle feed .u could continue with breastfeeding as long as possible as it is healthy, hygienic ,strengthens the mother child Bond and is less time consuming too.

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| Feb 11, 2019

hi Meena - is your baby able to latch and have the feed normally right now? in case yes, then, don't worry. you could start a couple of weeks before rejoining with assisted feed and get your baby take to it. it may take some time, but will work. give clear instruction to the family member,/house help on feeding schedule for your baby when u r away and make sure all the feeding utensils are regularly sterilized.

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