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Updated on Jun 06, 2013

At what age we can detect autism???? Or early signs of autism? kindly let me know abt it.  

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| Jun 11, 2013

Hi Harshal, please do not be worried. If your doctor's diagnosis has left you confused, the best way to put your worries to rest would be to consult a different pediatrician.

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| Jun 10, 2013

My kid had a habit of staking things (lining up toys, clothes, etc), when we checked with our doctor he suggested this as one of the signs of Autism, however my kid is very social, easily commumincates and loves being with friends (this negates all other criterias). Once again we checked with the same doctor and we were told, things are absolutely fine, I am a little worried, please suggest. My kids age is 3 years

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| Jun 06, 2013

Dear Karuna, please read this blog on Autism, Please copy the link and paste it on to your browser. https://www.parentune.com/parent-blog/understanding-autism-facts-and-realities/142

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