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Updated on Apr 27, 2017

My son is 5 yrs old. Aftr his school he remains in crunch for maX 30 min. while coming frm there numerous confectionery shops r on the way and evryday he demands chips cracks etc. i asked that he gets outside food twice a weak but all in vain. he is not ready to accept the reasons which I gve .plz suggest me to get rid of this type of daily fight between me and my son. hw I can convince him for avoiding

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| Apr 27, 2017

hi Alka! how r u! I understand your concerns! u could take a packet and write down all the ingredients on a page and with him do research on each and every ingredient for instance the oils used , the salt content, the flavorings used and on the net search the harmful effects of long term use of these ingredients. show him the pictures , how these effect our body . u could buy him a piggy bank instead and as soon as he reaches home he can put the same amount in his piggy bank and by the end of the week u could buy him something useful such as sketch pens packet , colour pencils, erasers or anything of his choice other than junk food. allow him his favorite food just on a fixed day once in a week. also give him a smiley each day and on the seventh day give him a gift . I am sure he would love to earn his favorite gift. praise him when he follows Instructions. hope this will helps u!

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| May 04, 2017

hi shikha I tried your tip but he shows interest only for a day later on not ready to draw a smiley and to put money in his bank

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