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Updated on Feb 18, 2018

My hubby comes home 1/2 times per month. When he is in the home my 7yrs old baby looks like very obidient and diceplined. But when her father is not in the home she does not follow my any lessons. Even when I ask her for something she desperately says " No' I don't do that. ". She only wants that I fill her every choice. I can't learn her that what she always wants from me is not always be fulfilled. Plz give me some suggesion.

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| Feb 18, 2018

hi Rimjhim Roy !you could tell your husband to discuss with his daughter how difficult it is for you to manage alone .how she could help in taking care of things and support u. these words from her father would make a lot of difference on the psyche of the child. also try and deal with love with her. praise her when she behaves well ,reward her for consistent good behaviour. here is a blog you would find useful.

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