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Jyoti Sharma Das

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Jan 04, 2016

My son is 4months old and he is on lactogen milk. Doctor said that he is healthy after checking his weight but he is not looking healthy and having dull complexion no pinkishness. Please help me with good advice

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Ruchita Thareja

| Jan 05, 2016

Hi Jyoti. I totally understand ur concern of ur baby not looking chubby. But believe me, its nothing like that. If ur doctor says that ur child's health is well then u should stop worrying. Secondly, yes chubbiness is related to babies and a mother definitely wants it in her kid. Now since ur baby is 4 months and in sone days when u will start giving him liquid things, then i would suggest u to add ghee to ur baby's diet. That definitely helps in strengthening of bones and putting on weight too. Give ur baby healthy food with ghee as and when possible. Happy Parentung!

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