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Updated on Jun 11, 2017

plz tell me proper diet chart and quantity should be given to baby and how many time should i give breast milk And can i give other milk to baby like cow milk etc. i want proper guidelines about diet what is difference between semi solid and solids when ca i give solids

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| Jun 11, 2017

Hi Reet, 1 breastmilk can be 7-9 times a day . 2. dont give cow milk before 1 year. 3. semi solids are thin consistency food like apple puree having thin consistency like little watery form as baby has just started foods other than breastmilk so it will not be troublesome to chew and digest. start with giving upper layer of daal , rice water, purees like of apple, papaya, banana, potato, Brett, pear, bottle guard etc, blended moong daal khichdi, 1-2 spoons of juices extracted at home.

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