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Created by Rajani
Updated on Sep 18, 2017

By baby is 10. 5 months old now. earlier, she used to sleep 9-11 hrs at night. but now, she is becoming too cranky to sleep at night. Though she feels extremely sleepy, she refuses to go to sleep and becomes fussy, yells and cries out loud. this continues for 3-4 hrs every night and we struggle to make her sleep. What to do? we have even tried to reduce her naps but the same thing continues.

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| Nov 12, 2017

hi Rajani! u could make the lights dim, lie down beside her, narrate a story or sing a lullaby. u have to get rid of this habit sooner or later.. the earlier the better. divert her attention with something more interesting. if possible avoid making her sleep after 6pm. hope this helps

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| Nov 12, 2017

Thanku Shikha. I am a working mom and we tried these things. if she sleeps before 10, she wakes up inthe night to play for 1-2 hrs. Moreover, she was habituated to go to sleep by swinging on legs (which my in laws and husband started ) and that too in a very odd style. Now she us refusing to go to sleep any other way, no matter how sleepy she is. she cries a lot and lot to yhe extent that her throat gets dried up and again, she has to be put to sleep in that particular style only. I don't know how to change that now.

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| Sep 19, 2017

hi Rajani! babies sleep cycle keeps changing. serve her dinner by 7. 30 pm and make her lie down on bed by 9 pm max. and dim the lights , no distractions around. let her not sleep after 5 pm. , so that she sleeps by 9pm or even earlier... this can be doen by taking her to park, keeping her active during evenings by playing with the baby. hope this helps!

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