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Updated on Mar 27, 2017

Hello all parents I'm new to this parent world pls let me know is this bottle steriliser helpful or not. And pls suggest few good brands

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| Mar 27, 2017

hey hi.... I would suggest instead of a sterilizer u can sterilize at home with out any hassle... after a while the sterilizer might actually have no use ....rather heat water add some salt ideally ( kallu uppu) leave the bottle for sometime n rise well with water's da best way to do it .....

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| Mar 28, 2017

Hi.. I find bottle Sterlizer much more convenient, hygienic and useful than Boiling water as water has lot of calcium which gets accumulated more when you boil water. If you want to do that please boil only till the boiling point turn off the stove and cover the pan, don't boil it for too long and just use fresh drinking water

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