Baby Boy 5 months teething

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Updated on May 09, 2017

My Baby Boy is 5 months now, From 2-3 days he is feeling irritated and not sleeping properly even though tired Should it is possible that teeth are started to develop If not at what months Baby start to develop teeths ????

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| May 09, 2017

baby teething will start at 6months.... . Might be due to gas he gets up in the night...

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| May 11, 2017

Well first sets of teeth do appear in 6 months but every baby is different. Gums sensitivity and tolerance to pain is different. Sometimes baby gets cranky even before appearance of teeth in the oral cavity. If that's the case try to massage baby gums with clean finger or cold muslin cloth in circular motion for 2 minutes. Baby would feel relief in teething case. In case of gas also babies become fussy. In 1 tbsp warm water mix 1 tsp hing and apply around navel, on nails of both hand and feet. Baby will calm down in few minutes

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