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Created by Sahiba Khan
Updated on Jun 25, 2016

My baby cries a lot when my wife tries to bath him, he keeps on crying till we bath him. What should be done?

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| Jun 27, 2016

Ur welcome sahiba:)

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| Jun 27, 2016

Hi.. small babies cry during bath time for various reasons.. like mentioned above.. soap or water temp. Most importantly, its also how we bath baby.. I was told to start from putting water on his head.. which I later found out was incorrect. Actually baby's body n blood circulation depends a lot on external factors like how we holding them.. or over which area we are pouring water during bathing him. When we pour water on his head first,specially cold water.. his badly take it as a signal to increase blood supply there as extremities( head n fingers) of kids need to be warm.. n his heart has to do more work in pumping blood.. so this comes as uncomfortable to baby n he cries. The right way to bath a baby is by starting from feet. u first wet his feet n pour water there. then take some water in ur hands n pour on his legs after that knees n than thighs. After that take some water n wet his tummy n chest n back Then his shoulders n arms n hands. After that put some water on his face with ur hands. N lastly put water on head. Once u have done this,baby's body get accustomed to water temp,than u can. pour water anywhere on his body. it won't be uncomfortable for him. he won't cry. I tried this vd my baby.. it works.

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| Jun 25, 2016

Hi Sahiba, one of the reason might be the soap, normally they say soap don't burn their eyes but they burn you can try, best soap is Teddibar... this might help him

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