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Updated on Jul 11, 2017

hi frnds.... im a mom of 3 months old baby.... right from the day 1 of her birth i have been taking care of her all alone day and night..... but relatives have been advising me that i shud carry her only for feeding and unnecessary carrying baby on the lap will make her get used to it and she will become more adamant and need me always..... is this true? how can i not carry her when she is crying? am i spoiling my baby by over pampering her... please advise....

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| Jul 11, 2017

no mother can see her baby crying. so I am not agree with their point of view. it is the time when child wants cuddles the most. I always give all my time to my baby. but I used to sit next to him instead of taking him in the lap. As she grows up, she would love to explore herself. don't worry, nobody knows your child better than you. everybody advises a lot, they usually say "I did that mistake, you don't do that".

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