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Tasneem Taher

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Nov 07, 2015

My baby is 2month old n she crys a lot for particular time

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Tasneem Taher

| Nov 08, 2015

Hey thnk you both of u.. I m giving her colicaid n gripwater

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Payal Shah

| Nov 08, 2015

Hi!! My baby also use to cry a lot during evening time till she cmpltd 2mnths.. someone suggested me Himalaya Bonnispaz drops... 2 to 3drops mrng n evening.. it really worked.. nw she is 3mnths old n I continue to gv it everyday.. n she doesnt cry.. seems colic issue is getting solved.. touchwood!!.. sometimes baby gets colic wen mommy eat gasy food.. I suggest u watch out wat u eat.. n if u hv ne gasy stuff have ajwain aftr meal.. make mouthfresher of ajwain n suva n have it as many times poss..

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| Nov 07, 2015

Hi mommy She mite be colic if she is crying on a particular time everyday... same was wid my lo.. my paed gave cyclopam drops 7drops twice a day for 7days... it worked

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