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Baby cry

K Md Saifuddin
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Updated on Nov 15, 2015

My baby won't cry much.. Always he smiles lot but from past 5 days he crying and till 1 day back he was not well with motions. Went to doctor he gave medicine now motions are stoped but still he is crying. I am totally un happy I can't see him cry always. In sleep also he woke up SUDDENLY and cry..

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| Nov 16, 2015

Hi... Even my baby is doing the same these days ..she is 10months old and I hope ur kid is also the same am not sure as u didn't mention the age of the baby... of that is the case may be teeth are ready to come out baby is not sleeping these days one day she woke up in the midnight and started crying that was first time she refused to drink milk too but when we gave her teether she started smiling :) ..I heard that before getting teeth children usually cry like these as they have pain and motions are common as they start putting every thing in the mouth. Even pedestritian has said the same chill don't worry much !! :)

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