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Updated on Oct 27, 2012

My 11 month year old girl doesn't take bottle and refuses to drink from a cup. I give her water  from cup using spoon. Im still breastfeeding her but worried she's not getting enough water.  Also once i stop breastfeeding, she will be dehydrated if this continues.  Any suggestions on how to make her take a bottle or cup?

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| Oct 27, 2012

Hi Divya. I am in a similar situation. My 8 month old son will not take the bottle or drink from a cup. Soon after he turned 6 months old I bought a sippy cup and tried giving him milk and water in that. I was unsuccessful with that too. He recently started drinking water in the sippy cup after trying for over 2 months. You can try giving her milk/water in the sippy cup and skip the bottle altogether since she is 11months already. But if you would still want her to take the bottle, then you could try giving her the bottle with the tv switched on or any other distraction initially,just for her to start drinking and once she takes a few gulps you can turn it off. What could also help is if your husband or some one else in the family gives her the bottle while you stay in another room. It is important to consistently try over weeks and several times during the day. Hope your persistence pays off. Good luck :)

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