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Updated on Jan 27, 2014

Hi Parents, My baby is 13 month old and he dosent sleep at night continously atleast for four hours. He is habituated to saree cradle right from his 1 st month. he sleeps peacefully in a cradle and that habit sucks. I try to make to make him sleep on bed with lots of effort and he just wakes up within an hour and starts crying. Please help me to how to change this habit and tips for continous sleep. Thanks in advance.   Thanks manasa  

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| Sep 18, 2019

About 6 months ago i was struggling to get my baby to sleep and after many visits to the doctor,sleepless nights countless hours spent on online looking for something to help my child nothing worked. I called and spoke to numerous day care centers and child care places to see if anyone knew what could help my child . It was really hurting me watching my baby go throught this night after night not being able to sleep feeling helpless and unable to help . It was by chance one day that i was in a chemist picking up some medication and I was speaking to the lady behind the counter and she told me about a product that her duaghter had been using on her grand daughter and she told me give her my number and she would message it to me . That product was a life sacer,within a few days my child was back to normal and sleeping again and it was cheaper than everything else i tried Here is that products - I am a huge advocate of this product and i have told all my friends and family about the product and some of my gilrfriends have started using it and olso swear by it . I honestly cant that that lady enough for whats she had done for me and my child esspecially . Im sharing this in the hope it also helps someone else one day .

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| Mar 21, 2014

Hi Anurima,Sorry for replying late as i was out of station for a couple of months,i have read ur suggestion but couldnt reply.. and yes i followed your suggestion and it worked and i am happy now and thank u for that.. :-)

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| Jan 28, 2014

Dear Manasa, it looks like your baby doesnt want to sleep without being rocked in the cradle. It will be a difficult to make him sleep on a bed but being consistent will help. Do not carry your baby or take him out of the bed when he cries. You may co-sleep with him and pat him when he wakes up but avoid carrying him each time he wakes up. He may gradually settle with the feeling that you are near him and may stop crying if he wakes up. Slowly he will also learn to fall back to sleep on his own. Consistency is the key here. Hope this helps.

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| Jan 28, 2014

Hi Manasa! Thanks for sharing. You may have a look at the below link to a similar parent talk that you may find relevant:

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